FPSA in the « l’Usine Nouvelle » revue

Located in Oyonnax, in the heart of ”Plastics Valley”, the FPSA Group is specialized in plastics transformation (thermoplastic injection, etc.), but also in pressure foundry (of Zamak).

Drawing on its 35 years of experience, the Group has succeeded in developing its know-how to adapt to the needs of customers in the automotive market and also in general industry markets (sport and leisure, housing, cosmetics), health and well-being, child care, etc.


"The automotive sector is at the historic heart of FPSA,” explains Olivier Seignemartin, the co-lead manager, “and if we have become ‘injector-assemblers’ over the years, this has been particularly driven by changing demands of major automotive suppliers. We are able to accompany our customers from A to Z, and provide them not only with parts, but also with finished operational sub-units, such as levers, seat adjustment systems, locking mechanisms, airbag devices, etc. for vehicle interiors.”

To achieve this, FPSA has developed an entire know-how with regard to increasing process reliability and traceability, using robotics, implanting sensors (in particular pressure sensors) into injection molds and monitoring by camera to detect any risk of a dysfunctioning tool.

"The addition of the ‘assembler’ activity has been a real cultural change,” emphasizes Olivier Seignemartin. It simplifies organization for our customers, who are direct suppliers to automotive constructors. We can now provide our customers with complete functional solutions, delivered on a just-in-time basis and with a zero-defect guarantee.”

This article appeared in the « l'Usine Nouvelle » professional revue - May 2018